REDI is an event for everyone.


Preparation is essential. Making sure you have a plan in case of an unexpected event is crucial- are you ready?


Education is key. Having the right knowledge to help you make important decisions for your future is extremely important. Learn from expert educators only at REDI Expo.


Determination is vital in each step along your path to preparedness. If you are driven to succeed, it will make your final objective easier to achieve.


Innovation is important. Making sure you have the most up-to-date tactics, technology and information is incredibly valuable in meeting any challenge. 

Whether you are underprepared or overprepared, everyone has to be REDI- Ready, Educated, Determined and Innovative. We bring expert educators,
humanitarian organizations, and top readiness products and services together to create the world’s premier preparedness event.

Ready | Educated | Determined | Innovative

Everyone Needs To Be REDI. Are You?

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Important Organizations

These incredible organizations assist millions of people each year, helping them get essential resources they need. The efforts of humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross, UNICEF, and CARE, hunger relief organizations like World Food Programme and Feeding America, and disaster relief organizations like AmeriCares make our world a safer, better place.


Have a company that can help our attendees be prepared for anything? From basic essentials to survival gear, if you sell products or services people need, we want you! Learn more about how you can be a part of REDI Expo today!

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Why Exhibit

Providing What People Need

From basics to bunkers, any business that provides products or services that
are essential are welcome at our show. According to FEMA*, only 51% of Americans seek information on preparedness. Help 10,000+ attendees prepare for
any situation
at REDI Expo.

Excellent Exposure for Businesses

REDI to meet directly with the industry’s most influential leaders?
Having your business at REDI Expo is the best way to establish yourself in this space. The world’s leading humanitarian organizations, advocates, NGOs and more will be there- will you?

Grow Your Business Responsibly

Attending REDI Expo is the most socially responsible way to grow your business. According to ReportLinker*, the Global Incident and Emergency Management Market is worth around $100 Billion dollars, and is expected to grow by $50 Billion in the next few years. Take advantage of this rapidly expanding market while promoting social good only at REDI Expo.

An Opportunity To Educate

REDI Expo believes that education helps save lives. If you can provide valuable information about the importance of being prepared in any situation, we need you. Help us provide vital knowledge to our attendees so they can make smart, informed decisions for the future.

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Where Can I Get Help?

Don’t know where to turn in an emergency situation?
Use these resources for vital information to make sure you’re prepared.

Visit the CDC