JoDee Martin

Company: What 8 Ate

Position: Owner

Topic: Little by Little leads to a Lot, survival depends on what you've got!

JoDee Martin's Biography

JoDee Martin is the youngest of 9 children and a mom of 6 children. She was raised in a small rural town in Utah where preparedness and food storage were high priority in her family. Since the nearest store was 30 miles away, she learned that it’s better to have something and not need it then to need something and not have it. Education is also something she is passionate about, so she has spent a lot of her life learning new things and obtaining many different certifications and experiences including: Rapid Eye Technology, EMT basic and intermediate, state trainer for victim advocates, high school sign language teacher, public speaking, graphic & webpage design, social media management, business consulting, marketing, book author, and anything else she has the opportunity to learn or do. She has written a number of books mostly being the children’s books that started her writing career when she wrote them for her children when they were very young. From there she wrote her food storage & preparedness book "Little by Little", assembled a cook book, and a book for stay at home moms to find ways to make money from home, and her newest recipe book using food storage & shelf stable ingredients. JoDee manages a facebook group with course units based on her book: She is the owner of 2 blogs, “A to Z for Moms Like Me” covers a variety of topics of interest to women, and “What 8 Ate” which is all about feeding her family of 8 on a budget. You can follow her blogs at these addresses: JoDee is also a Thrive Life Food Consultant and loves giving customers the opportunity to purchase freeze dried foods at wholesale prices. Her website is: