Dr. Drew Miller

Company: Fortitude Ranch

Position: CEO

Topic: Investing in an Age of Pandemics and Collapse, Survival Communities

Dr. Drew Miller's Biography

Dr. Drew Miller is Founder and CEO of Fortitude Ranch, a recreational and survival community. Fortitude Ranch is both a recreational facility, with beautiful locations in mountain forests, and a survival community to make it through a collapse. Drew also serves as Managing Director of Advanced Analysis Applications, consulting in financial analysis, investments, due diligence, blockchain technology, strategic planning, and business strategy wargames. A Certified M&A Advisor, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, and Due Diligence Professional, Dr. Miller helps companies assess anti-fragile investments, improve company resilience and ability to survive a collapse. Working with other independent business consultants, Drew organizes and runs “business strategy wargames” to stress test business plans. Drew is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a Masters Degree and PhD in Operations Research from Harvard University. He served as an intelligence officer in the US Air Force, Air National Guard and AF Reserve, retiring as a Colonel, and still serves in the Civil Air Patrol.