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It is incredibly important to have a plan in case of an emergency. That’s why we created REDI- an all-inclusive, comprehensive event that provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed. Are you REDI for anything?

Thousands of Preparedness Products

Having access to the right resources and tools is paramount in getting prepared. With over 300 companies providing preparedness products from basic essentials to high-security bunkers, there is something for everyone. Whether you are severely underprepared, or massively overprepared, REDI has you covered.

50+ Expert Speakers

Education is essential! Having vital knowledge is key to making informed decisions that will help you be more prepared in the future. Learn from over 50 expert educators about how to best be ready for an unexpected event only at REDI Expo.

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Everyone needs to be REDI. An unexpected event can cause harmful effects on our world, and when we’re not prepared, we often find ourselves in a bad situation. Readiness, Education, Determination and Innovation are essential in meeting a difficult challenge. Learn how to best be prepared from expert educators and the world’s top humanitarian organizations, NGOs, relief funds and more, and get access to all the tools and resources you need to be prepared. If you want to make sure you’re ready for anything, don’t miss REDI Expo.

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