Mission Statement

To educate, innovate and prepare anyone to be REDI for anything

Be REDI- Ready, Educated, Determined, Innovative. REDI is an event for everyone. Be Ready for any situation, Educated in every environment, Determined to deal with all circumstances, and Innovative in how you meet the challenge. Expect the unexpected, prepare for the unpreparable, and control the uncontrollable. From essential preparedness products to expert educators, this event will help you be REDI for anything.

Who We Are

REDI is a production of ZJ Events LLC- a New York based small business and event organizer that has
held multiple successful events in the health and wellness industries across the globe.

Where We Came From

The widespread negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis threw the events industry into a period of economic hardship. ZJ Events was forced to abandon all of its current plans, and alter the course of their business dramatically if they were to survive. Rather than let the outbreak bring them down, they persisted- using it as inspiration to create something people truly need. The founders saw that the world wasn’t ready for the coronavirus, and saw a need for a comprehensive readiness event- with goal of creating a better, more prepared world by providing vital information and resources to the public.

What the Future Holds

Panic is when tragedy meets unpreparedness. We saw widespread, global hysteria and fear in response to the coronavirus, with people rushing to buy basics like food, water and toilet paper, resulting in mass shortages of essential products. Because of this, we expect to see a massive change in the behavior of consumers and businesses, with the public attempting to prepare for another potential disaster, and big box stores and small retail chains starting to stock shelves with preparedness products in anticipation of this record demand. Join our cause and together we can help make the world a better, safer place for all.

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